Paid Social Media advertising allows you to reach your existing customers and find new audiences and is an option on most social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more.

With ad targeting getting more and more sophisticated it allows you to really hone in on the area and type of user that you want to target giving greater CTRs and conversions.

Social Media Advertising

Here at Bluewave Digital we focus on creating Ads based on research and data.

If you are new to Social Media promotion we can guide you, advising which platforms are best to target for your business type.

We create engaging ads that stand out from the crowd, from simple yet interesting text to bold, full canvas takeover. The ads we create encourage interaction and that are tailored to the specific audience and platform allowing us to deliver great results and return on investment.

We include specific tracking on all ads we create so you can really see how a specific ad has performed.

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